Focus on: the Japanese Garden

The Principality of Monaco has everything to offer, including 7,000 sqm of pure zen with the Japanese Garden located by the Mediterranean Sea in the Larvotto neighborhood.


What a relaxing treat!


Cherry blossom, waterfalls, Koi ponds... Everything has been meticulously thought of in order to provide you with a true zen experience according to Japanese tradition and culture.


The Japanese Garden was first inspired by HSH Princess Grace who had expressed her want for such a relaxing place. HSH Princess Grace unfortunately didn't get to experience it but in 1997, HSH Prince Rainier III created this garden in her honor.


In the country of the Rising Sun, gardens are considered as Art ; no wonder it took almost 17 months to Japanese architect Yasuo Beppu, who won best prize at the Floral Fair in Osaka, Japan in 1990, to make the Monaco Japanese Garden come to life. It's all in the details and this Japanese Garden is a true master piece of tranquility and peace in the midst of the Principality of Monaco.


While all the wood and bamboos used for the Tea House, the Master Gate or the Terrace, have been imported directly from Japan, the rest of the trees and plants come from Europe as the climate in Monaco is different from the one in Japan, which wouldn't accommodate local plants. Prior to creating the Japanese Garden, it took 3 years to Yasuo Beppu to grow and cut the trees and plants that would be used in Monaco, transforming them into almost-true Japanese plants. What a demonstration of zen, perseverance and faith.


Be present, breathe, let go and enjoy.


Welcome to Monaco!


Marie Fiorin

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