Key figures


  • Price per square meter: 70 290 euros (in 2017) while in 2011 the price per square meter was 35 634 euros. (1)
  • Sales in the Larvotto district are rare and mostly regard exceptional properties, representing 1,2% of the total number of sales in the Principality. (1)
  • In 2017, the total revenue from sales in Larvotto reached 73 million euros, or 4% of the total sale revenue in Monaco, with a 183,9% increase in revenue from 2016 for a 25% increase in number of sales. (1)
  • Four sales in 2016 and five sales in 2017. (1)
  • Average sale price in 2017: 14,6 million euros. That’s 10,1 million euro over the average sale price for Monaco. (1)
  • Population : 2 026 inhabitants, which represents 5% of the total population. (2)
  • Number of units: 1 125, which represents 8% of the total units of the Principality of Monaco. (2)
  • Area : 21,8 ha.


  • The Principality of Monaco has a total surface of 499 ha, or 2,02 sq km
  • Total number of sales for real-estate new builds in Monaco in 2017: 50. (1)
  • 66% of these new builds being 1 bedroom apartments, for a total value of 228,9 million euros (was 453,5 million euros in 2016), which represents a 50% decrease, even with the 51,5% increase in number of sales compared to 2016. (1)
  • More units are sold but for lower values. One out of two unit is sold for under 4 million euros with an average sale price at 4,6 million euros. (1)
  • Total number of sales in Monaco in 2017 (excluding new builds): 406, which represents a 21,9% decrease compared to 2016, for a total value of sales of over 1.8 billion euros. Which represents a 17,2% decrease compared to 2016. (1)
  • Average sale price in 2017 for Monaco (excluding new builds): 4,5 million euros. (1)


Key places


One of the world’s most expensive streets is located in Larvotto with its ocean front “Avenue Princesse Grace”, where you will find the very luxurious apartments of the “21 Princesse Grace”, as well as lovely restaurants such as Le Bouchon, Cipriani, Maya Bay, and Sass. Without forgetting of course the iconic Jimmy’z and the Grimaldi Forum.


The Larvotto district is also host to 5 star luxury hotels such as the Monte-Carlo Bay and the Méridien Beach Plaza. This neighborhood is the perfect place to enjoy staycations 365 days a year. Enjoy what nature has to offer with the Larvotto beach of course but with the Japanese Gardens as well, a true paradise for peace and relaxation.


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*Neighborhoods defined by Sovereign Order n° 4.481 of September 13, 2013

(1) Source : Direction des Services Fiscaux, IMSEE

(2) Source : Recensement de la population 2016

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