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Monaco, a unique country where sun, security and high quality of life have always been a norm. With 300 days of sunshine a year, the Principality enjoys exceptional weather conditions. Two square kilometers located at the edge of the Mediterranean sea which, at all times have attracted the wealthy around the world thanks to the quality of life that is offered. Today, more than 120 nationalities live side by side in Monaco in perfect harmony. English is widely spoken and all residents can make a living without missing anything.


A proven educational system, a world-renowned cultural life, a sporting life that hosts international events (stadium Louis 2, Monte-Carlo, Herculis), the principality has endowed sports facilities incommensurate with its area. In addition, its geographical location will delight both winter sports enthusiasts as the Principality is just an hour from the first ski resorts.


The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign country made of 8 distinct neighborhoods, very different one from the other. In order to guide you with your investments and lifestyle choices, we gladly present you with all the characteristics of each neighborhood.


  • Monte-Carlo 
  • Larvotto
  • La Condamine
  • Le Rocher / Monaco-Ville
  • La Rousse
  • Fontvieille
  • Jardin Exotique
  • Les Moneghetti

Monte-Carlo "Carré d'Or"

Focus on Monte-Carlo


Monte-Carlo is often associated to the country of Monaco and the words “Monte-Carlo” and “Monaco” are often wrongly used one instead of the other. Monte-Carlo is a neighborhood of Monaco and it is not its capital.


The “Mont Charles” was given its name on July 1st 1866 in honor of Prince Charles III of Monaco, name that became “Munte-Carlu” in Monegasque language, and then “Monte-Carlo”.


As for “MC”, this refers to the abbreviation for Monaco, and not the initials for Monte-Carlo as it is often mistaken.


Monte-Carlo is a very prestigious neighborhood, it is Monaco’s Golden Square. This neighborhood symbolises luxury, gambling, five star hotels, gourmet food and shopping. Together with the neighborhood of La Rousse, Monte-Carlo is the most sought-after part of the Principality of Monaco, as it offers great spaces with modern skyscrapers, making of Monte-Carlo one of the richest neighborhoods real-estate wise.

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Focus on Larvotto


The Larvotto district is located South-East of the Principality of Monaco, giving you direct access to the beach. Should you be looking for an ocean front property with dreamy views, Larvotto will be your choice.


Larvotto is a residential neighborhood that is very sought after ; it is as well the most expensive district of Monaco.

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La Condamine

Focus on La Condamine


The district of La Condamine is very strategically located at the heart of the Principality of Monaco, and includes the the Port Hercules.


La Condamine is a lively neighborhood with lots of boutiques, bars and restaurants, it offers as well the best access to and the best views of the Formula 1 circuit.


As far as real-estate is concerned, you will find properties in both prestigious condominiums and lovely historic buildings.


The name “ La Condamine” comes from the monegasque word “Cundamina”, “Condominium” in latin. “Condominium” is formed by adding the prefix con- ("together") to the word dominium ("domain, property, ownership"). Its meaning is therefore "shared property". Used in the Middle Ages, “Condominium” referred to a land over which two or more sovereign powers shared joint dominion.

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Le Rocher / Monaco-Ville

Focus on Monaco-Ville


Monaco-Ville, commonly known as the Roc, the “Rocher”, is a very special district of the Principality of Monaco as it is its historical center. It’s in this neighborhood that is located the Royal Palace.


Monaco-Ville is both a very local neighborhood, and a very touristic one as many want to visit the Palace and assit to the change of Guard that takes place daily at 11:55 am. The Rocher is a historical district of the Principality and offers stunning views over Monaco.


You can access it by foot, bus or elevator, while access by car is only reserved to cars with Monaco plates or 06 plates (French next door region) in order to filter the amount of people that come through.

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La Rousse

Focus on La Rousse


The district of La Rousse, previously known as Saint Roman, is located North-East of the Principality of Monaco, in between France and the Larvotto.


La Rousse is a residential neighborhood offering apartments in very luxurious towers, with outstanding views of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea.


Together with Monte-Carlo, La Rousse is a very attractive district in the Monaco real-estate market.

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Focus on Fontvieille


Located West of the Principality, Fontvieille is the business district of Monaco. Numerous companies have their offices in Fontvieille, making this district the less touristic part of the Principality of Monaco.


Monaco’s second harbor is located in Fontvieille, and buildings with luxurious amenities will welcome you.


Key figures


  • Price per square meter: 42 575 euros (in 2017) while in 2008 the price per square meter was 30 644 euros, and 25 451 euros in 2012. (1)
  • 9,4% of the total sales were made in Fontvieille in 2017, or 38 sales, representing 8,7% of the total sales revenue for the Principality of Monaco, or 158,7 million euros. (1)
  • A 43,2% decrease in sales revenue was registered between 2016 and 2017 in Fontvieille, for a 20,8% decrease in number of sales. (1)
  • Average sale price in 2016: 5,8 million euros. (1)
  • Average sale price in 2017: 4,2 million euros. (1)
  • Population : 4 420 inhabitants, which represents 12% of the total population. (2)
  • Number of units: 2 119, which represents 11% of the total units of the Principality of Monaco. (2)
  • Area : 33 ha.


  • The Principality of Monaco has a total surface of 499 ha, or 2,02 sq km
  • Total number of sales for real-estate new builds in Monaco in 2017: 50. (1)
  • 66% of these new builds being 1 bedroom apartments, for a total value of 228,9 million euros (was 453,5 million euros in 2016), which represents a 50% decrease, even with the 51,5% increase in number of sales compared to 2016. (1)
  • More units are sold but for lower values. One out of two unit is sold for under 4 million euros with an average sale price at 4,6 million euros. (1)
  • Total number of sales in Monaco in 2017 (excluding new builds): 406, which represents a 21,9% decrease compared to 2016, for a total value of sales of over 1.8 billion euros. Which represents a 17,2% decrease compared to 2016. (1)
  • Average sale price in 2017 for Monaco (excluding new builds): 4,5 million euros. (1)


Key places


Fontvieille is a business district, very lively by day with many great restaurants and bars. This neighborhood is home to the famous Louis II Stadium, the Princess Grace Rose Garden, the zoo, a shopping mall, the International University of Monaco, as well as the Espace Fontvieille where many events take place, such as the International Circus Festival.


Fontvieille also has its own harbor, with its ocean front restaurants and bars.


Which one is your favorite?


  • Monte-Carlo 
  • Larvotto
  • La Condamine
  • Le Rocher / Monaco-Ville
  • La Rousse
  • Fontvieille
  • Jardin Exotique
  • Les Moneghetti


Welcome to Monaco!


Marie Fiorin


*Neighborhoods defined by Sovereign Order n° 4.481 of September 13, 2013

(1) Source : Direction des Services Fiscaux, IMSEE

(2) Source : Recensement de la population 2016

Jardin Exotique

Focus on the Jardin Exotique


The Jardin Exotique district is located North-West, right on top of the Principality, and offers astonishing panoramic views of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea. This residential neighborhood is the most outcentered of the Principality of Monaco, yet is conveniently close to France and the highway.

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Les Moneghetti

Focus on Les Moneghetti


The Moneghetti district is the most affordable district of the Principality of Monaco. Located North-West, this neighborhood is mainly residential with properties overlooking the Principality and offering stunning views of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea.

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